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Painting people's pets is just about my favorite thing to do. Working from a photograph, I custom mix professional grade oil paints into a harmonious color palette, that I then use to capture your furry companion's personality onto a canvas that you can keep forever. 

The best portraits start from the best photographs. We will work together to choose the photo that will ensure the best painting. (See below for tips for great photographs).


Currently, I charge $350 USD to paint one pet, on a premium canvas, using professional oil paints, up to 14" x 18" in size. 

If you'd like a custom quote for a painting of more than one pet, a different sized canvas, or of an entirely different subject, please use the contact form to be in touch, or call/text 503.515.2533. 




Payment, due in full before I begin, will place your pet in queue. If you do not live near Portland, OR, I will happily ship your painting worldwide, via FedEx (they have special boxes to pack and ship paintings in). Your finished painting will require 3 months of cure time before the paint will be dry enough to ship safely. It can take a full year, or longer, for oil paint to cure completely. 

Due to their custom nature, all paintings are non-refundable. I have not had an unhappy customer to date, and I will work to continue to have that be the case.  



“French was the first pet that Suzanne painted and his portrait is something I will cherish forever. She absolutely captured his body and spirit, right down to the wonderful twinkle he had in his eye and the divot in his ear where he was bitten as a pup. She is a true talent and a gorgeous human being. And she will paint you the gift of immortality.” – Stacia N

"After having recently lost a cherished family pet, we were looking for a way to memorialize her and the joy she brought to our lives. A dear friend introduced me to Suzanne and her glorious works of art. I cannot say enough about Suzanne, she was so kind and lovely to work with. Her ability to capture our girl’s beautiful spirit on canvas was overwhelming. I cannot say enough about Suzanne, she is an incredibly talented artist, and a truly special person." Ron T

"Suzanne does excellent work and creates a portrait that looks exactly like her subject. She painted our dog, Stella, from a photo and it far exceeded our expectations. We love it!  She is also easy to work with and very accommodating." - Suzanne R


If you do not already have a photo to work from, and your pet is still living, consider the following: 

Whenever possible, use natural light - outside is great. If not natural light, refrain from using the flash, if possible. 

The more 'information' and personality, the better the painting. To get the most information, the photo cannot be too washed out or dark - try to avoid direct sunlight. A cloudy day, or a location away from direct sunlight is best.

Don't worry too much about leashes or collars, we can omit some details and fill in a few blanks, if need be. 

Consider a painting that focuses on your pet's face, rather than including their entire body. 

If there are things that are notable about your pet, please let me know so that I can work to include those details that may not otherwise be obvious to me. 

I do work from one single photograph. I paint what I see. In other words, I'm not making stuff up, so I cannot collage together several pics.